New York City // December 2016

New York City is indisputably one of the most romanticized and cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is brimming with history, lore, culture, and contagious energy. Up until I made the move to Nashville to attend Belmont I had lived in central Massachusetts my whole life. The distance between my childhood home and the legendary city of New York could be covered in about 3 and a half hours but for some reason I never quite made it there. This winter I was determined to change that.

I invited my sister Olivia along for the ride and we saw as much of the city as we could in one day. After taking the train from Stamford, CT into Grand Central Terminal, we meandered our way from Central Park down to Brooklyn making several stops along the way. In a race against the sun, I ran across the Manhattan Bridge to be in just the right spot for sunset. Photographers, am I right? 

After dark we treated ourselves to tapas and sangria at El Quinto Pino (10/10 would recommend). It was an awesome day of exploring, and I truly fell for the vast concrete jungle we found ourselves in. I'm already planning my next trip. Here are some of my favorite shots from our short but eventful trek through the city.